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Buy Your New Home with Julie & Mark

We know looking for a home can conjure up every emotion in the book from excitement to nervousness. We want you to see us as your partners, whether you’re purchasing your first home or your third you should expect us to hold your hand and provide you with the knowledge to empower you to make the right decisions for you and your family each step of the journey. Through helping over 750 families get into their new homes, we’ve been able to perfect our home buying process over the years to ensure a smooth ride from start to finish. So, what’s in store for your buying experience?


  1. Let’s Establish our Game Plan: We’ll review your short and long term goals and begin looking for the right neighborhoods and properties that will meet both your needs and wants.
  2. Obtain a Pre-Approval: Obtaining a pre-approval early in the process will ensure we’re shopping smart for your perfect home. Pre-approval letters also provide a leg up when we’re ready to put an offer down as it shows the seller you’re a serious buyer.
  3. Tour Properties and find the perfect home: This is where the magic happens! Let’s tour homes until you’re confident you found the right one.
  4. It’s time to write an offer: We’ll review the property disclosures and home comps to make sure our offer is sound. Once you feel good about the offer, we’ll submit it and come back with any counters.
  5. Your contract has been accepted!
  6. Your Earnest despot money is due: This is to show your good faith in the transaction.
  7. Arrange for homeowner’s insurance: When you finance your home with a lender, they typically require homeowner’s insurance in case of damage caused by unforeseen circumstances.
  8. Submit loan application & start loan process: Your lender should have a seamless process. Click here to see who we recommend.
  9. Schedule home inspection: Once the inspection is completed we’ll review reports and make requests for repairs.
  10. Set up transfer of utilities to buyer’s name: this will allow for a smooth transition into your new home.
  11. Title search: The title search determines that the person who is selling the home has the rights to the property, and the buyer is getting all of the rights to the property.
  12. Settlement: You’ll have paperwork to fill out to get the loan funded and the home in your name. While we know it’s a ton of documents, we’ll lend you our favorite pen!
  13. Receive your keys: That’s right! It’s time to start planning your housewarming party 😉

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